Also, It's not as if Madeleines are rocket science...
I bought a pound of delicious sour cherries from a street vendor on Monday, which I used to make Clafoutis. It's as stupidly easy to make as its name is stupid and holy hell is it delicious! :woot: Like a thick and improved pancake with heaps of juicy, yummy cherries (you're supposed to leave the stones in, so no juice seeps out) in it... no pictures because it's all gone already, but it looks pretty much like the one pictured on Wikipedia - only with cherries instead of plums.
Clafoutis = <3
Had my first attempt at no knead bread today. Unfortunately it ended up overproofed as I started the dough too early last night, as you can see along the rim of the bowl where the dough sunk a bit. It still turned out okay in the end but it definitively has room for improvement, also with the shaping.




Am writing that down 'cause it sounds good. Might try it sometime. In fact it's kinda reminding me of Parkin what with all the syrup an' butter an' that. :) We make Parkin a lot too but that sounds like a nice change actually.

ANDIT'SINOUNCES!!! >_< I can't really operate in grams or cups. Our Parkin recipe is in cups but it's pretty haphazard you can just lob it together without paying much attentionreally.

I mek me own Cinder Toffee ice cream an all. Haven't made any sin' New Years though.

EDIT: In fact, 'ere's our Parkin recipe. Pay no attention to me mother going on about table spoons of bicarb in 'cause she's well daft. The recipe is in the more section on the youtube page.
Cups are an American measure - I have no idea how many oz are in one. ...

Some damn fine baking in this thread, well done everybody.
Cinnamon rolls!

Not bad for a first attempt...


Cat for scale.


This was probably my best pizza EVER.
I think I finally got the hang of it. :D
you ate it, you puked it out, and you took a pic?
For the dough or for everything?


-500g of 00 flour.
-a dash of salt
-a sprinkle of olive oil
-a tablespoon of malt extract
-300mL warm water
-two tablets of fresh yeast (30grams)

Dissolve yeast in warm water.
Dough should be elastic but not sticky. It should come off the sides of the mixer easily.

Preheat oven just to make it slightly warm. Turn off, put dough in oiled bowl and everything in oven for an hour or so, until it doubles in size.

Divide dough in two portions, spread it on pizza tray with your fingertips, do not press it down. It will raise slightly while you make the sauce.

Tomato sauce:

I make mine from canned peeled tomatoes.
Add garlic and minced onions.
Let it simmer until it thickens.

Spread tomato sauce, mushrooms, bacon and cheese.

Pre-heat oven as high as possible.
I only turn on the bottom heating element in mine for this part.
When the crust is turning a very slight golden brown, I turn on the upper heating element to make the cheese and the edges crispy.

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Made madeleines for the first time today after getting a madeleine tin on amazon. They turned out pretty well. They're very easy to make.

I have a silicone tray that works really well.
Yours look really good.
I need help.
I made this recipe, but the dough was not maleable enough to make the little "bag". It broke and crumbled.
What did I do wrong? More water? Less water? More time in the fridge?