Baldur's Gate 3


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Aug 29, 2004
Just started playing this a few days ago. I played Divinity Original Sin 2 earlier this year, and I like Larian's battle system. The game is great so far, but I feel like they increased the difficulty when compared to DOS2. Good thing my chest crowd control trick still works for some enemies. :D

I'm on my second play through, after finishing an initial mostly "good" run in easy mode that took about 120 hours :D

Now I'm doing a mostly evil run as Dark Urge, I'm about 25 hours deep in this one and picking vastly different options than I did during my first run is definitely keeping things fresh.

I haven't played Divinity Original Sin 2, but after spending so much time on this, I feel quite tempted :)
I finished the first playthrough at 120-ish hours on the save file. But due to restarting many of the fights, I was probably at 140-150 hrs in real time when I finished the game .
My character was mainly good, although I did some questionable things like stealing things and killing the guards if I get found out. The final boss fight was very underwhelming to me. I spent 4-ish hours fighting through all the enemies in the court yard area, burning up my call allies and my Divine Intervention only to see there's still a very hard boss fight. I took the suggests to run past all those enemies using invisibility potion and just reach the final boss fight, but even that fight had a 5 turn before you get bombed limit in the first part and when you're inside the Netherbrain's space, you only got 5 turns and the platforms randomly disappear, I had to save scum to get that last part done. Overall it's a great game, just dragged down by that last fight. I felt like this game's early game and final boss fight was significantly more difficult than Divinity Original Sin 2.
With that said, I'll probably wait until an Enhanced Edition or Definitive Edition before doing another playthrough.