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Ban offsite avatars?

Ban offsite avatars?

  • Leave it how it is - allow offsite avatars

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Sep 21, 2003
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Should I disable offsite avatars? That'll stop any avatars that are too large, in either dimensions or filesize. It'll also stop the slow loading of avatars due to slow servers or even down servers.

However, since we do have sigs, it won't stop all slow loading images.

The other problem is that when I disable it, it'll not allow all past selected offsite avatars and people will need to upload them to here.

Whatda guys think?
Im not sure if many people even link off other servers for their avatars and even so, thats not really much of an issue IMO.

What is an issue and what can be managed is filesize. As mentioned before, incorperating something like a total size limit of avatar + sig would improve this sites performance tremendously for guys on slow connections like me. Make a poll ang we can agree on a figure...perhaps 150KB??
Disable them - will help the speed, but most importantly means the restrictions can be enforced.

Edit: As SL65 said, some method of enforcing the size limitation on sig's would be terrific.
^^ Ditto
flyingfridge said:

150k for both avatar and signature is perfectly fine imo!

Although, its gonna be hard enforcing it, who's gonna click everyone's sig+avatar and see how big they are? :(
yea... I say limit the size as well... I'm on limited bandwidth... 10gb a month now and it will help alot if the sigs are smaller
I don't really mind it, I link to my own site for my avatar and signature (if I had one) partially to use my own transfer for it instead of relying on viper's transfer. When you start forcing people to use your site for avatars, transfer will go up accordingly. I'm not sure how cubanseeder would feel about that change in transfer (it won't be much, but it will be higher, since everyone coming to the site has to download all the avatars from you). I don't mind sharing that transfer (since it is my avatar) and I really don't see a problem with the current system, and vote to leave it the same.
Who is having problems with the site being slow? I haven't noticed any problems...

I vote to leave it as is...
I think we should ban the people with offsite avatars right now, no discussion, it's been too long now.

Edit: viper has an offsite avatar right :lol:
gtrietsc said:
Who is having problems with the site being slow? I haven't noticed any problems...

I vote to leave it as is...

I think that everyone with less than 256kbps.
There are sigs that are too big, and the avatars uploaded to the site are limited, so it would be a way to limit bandwidth waste.
I haven't had any problems as I'm on a university T1, but I came from a 56k connection last year and anyone still on 56k would really be feeling it. I'm probably one to blame, that Mine's skyline avatar of mine was nearly 500k. That'd take a long time on dial up alone, let alone when there's a few of them on the page. It's only the 56kers who are going to be feeling it, the question is, how many are left?
No, I think the question is: Can we make those unfortunate ones without fast internet life's easier?
Or we can make a tutorial on how to load pages without images, for those who need it.
Never thought about the slow connection people since the day i got broadband(ha ha)

There should be a limit to the dimesions of the sig.... :)
I say do whatever is best to speed up the site. I already have my avatar uploaded to this site, and my sig is pretty small. But I think if some people are having problems loading quickly, we should transfer all avatars to this site.
^ Maybe not on dial up but i guess quite a lot of people are on some slow dsl connection with montly donwload limit. :dunno:
I got a monthly download limit, your point is ? (Cable 20 Go/down, 10/up)

A few Kb here and there should not be an issue on a forum with downloads the size of the ones we have around here on a weekly basis, I think. ;)
I personally HATE having images in signatures, not to mention it is a pointless use of bandwidth and they are generally just a bunch if crap that means nothing!

My vote would be to allow offsite avatars (there is a mod that will force them to comply with the existing forum policy) and ban images in sigs!