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Battle Gear 3


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Nov 8, 2004
Back in Saudia
There's a new mall that just opened up near where I live, and last night I went to it to check out the arcade. :mrgreen:
I was looking for an Initial D machine, but instead I found a Battle Gear 3 cabinet. I had heard good things about the game before, so I decided to try it out. It was actually really fun, and I spent most of the time racing downhill on what I think was the Akina track (it was all in Japanese). The game is all about drift racing, and there's a pretty large selection of cars and tracks. I would say about 50 cars and 15 tracks. The coolest thing has to be that for the in car view, each car has its real-life dashboard, which is pretty cool. Anyone else here ever play the game?
yea, me and jasonchiu used to play this game alot, IMO it is much more realistic than initialD or any arcade game in that case. THe battle gear machine has this key system which stores your car info if you bought a key,sorta like the initialD card system, if you are thinking about playing this game for a while, you can get the key, plus you get to tune your car as well
its a amazing game, the track on the updated version is so good. the best thing is that u can conter=steer
how can I forget about counter-steering, its the only arcade game I've played so far where you can drive like tiff :D
The only bad thing is that the wheel doesn't seem as responsive as the wheel in Initial D. The more realistic driving makes up for it though. :)
Where do you get a key?
why don't we have cool games like that in ottawa.. :cry: hey why don't you take your camera chaos and film us a 5 min race in that thing.. show us your skills :p