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Aug 1, 2006
Carnage in this years Battlebots has gone up a few levels ?


I'm not watching those, I hadn't bothered to download it (can't watch it in the UK) but I will now. They're incredibly impressive machines.
I also enjoy the show, it is one of my guilty pleasures.

That explosion was epic.
Huh. I completely lost track of this show, but those fights were epic!

Gotta start watching I guess.
This season also featured one of the lamest battles.

I came across this old video, it shows how BB has changed.

Finally caught up enough that these videos aren't spoilers, really great season but man do they waffle a lot. An hour and 23 minutes without ad breaks for 24 minutes worth of fights if that, I just skip the lot now because even Farook doesn't seem too excited.

Funny seeing BB from 1999, those things really are clunky and mostly shiny metal boxes. Thing were a little different over here at the time (this was filmed in late 1998 - I went to see it).

A lot of flames in that first episode!
A new season of BB started tonight, called Slugfest. It is a new format that seems like it will be more interesting than a standard tournament.

Hypershock was a beast in the first episode!
Thanks for the heads up, it's surprisingly hard to find out what Battlebots starts as it isn't shown in this country. Netflix has the old seasons but not the recent ones, for some reason.
A new season is coming. It starts January 5th on Discovery.
A new season is coming. It starts January 5th on Discovery.
I missed this and only saw it when I accidentally clicked on New Posts. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to it.
Damn, only a six month break. Thanks for the heads up, just downloading the first episode.