BBC CANADA will be airing Top Gear this Fall....


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Jun 30, 2005
On June 15th I submitted a request/suggestion to the BBC Canada site, under their "BBC Canada - Program or Movie Suggestions" link.

I inquired about Top Gear and asked if there were any plans to make it available on BBC Canada?

Later that day I received this standard reply:

Thank you for your message and interest in BBC CANADA.

Please note that all program or movie suggestions will be forwarded to our Programming Department for further review and consideration.

Producer Guidelines
Please contact for more information.

Once again, thank you for contacting BBC CANADA.

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Then exactly a week later I received this in my inbox from

Hi (my name here),

Thank you for contacting BBC CANADA. We will begin airing Top Gear this fall - exact start date and time is still unknown, but it will be part of our fall line-up.

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I didn't know there was a BBC Canada. They just showed the one where they but cars for 1500k (that weren't a Porshce) a week or two ago.
Right after posting this I saw the TG on The Discovery channel post, I checked Discovery and there it was (I've got a dish that gets the American Discovery Channel). Man it was great watching it on a big screen. I hope this post is still useful for people who get BBC Canada.
You can get it on Discovery Channel???!!! I have no idea, I don't really watch the channel anymore as its always home remake shows.
Someone write the same sort of request to BBC america. :bangin:
Renesis said:
wtf is BBC canada?

all I have is BBC world and it's always news stuff...
it's another BBC related channel here in canada, don't know if they show it in quebec, the channel being so british and all ...
It's a channel full of BBC programs show for brits in Canada and canadians in general who are interested in british stuff. They show mostly the stuff they show on normal BBC, shows like Eastenders and the likes ...
Too bad they cut down top gear for it though.
I don't get it, prolly could with some upscale cable package though but meh.. I'd still d/l them anyway
BBC Canada is ONLY available on Digital Cable and Satellite. And it's crap. Due to Canadian Content laws, half the shows they show are bloody Canadian! (Mostly dupes of Food Network content.)

They tend to edit most UK sitcoms down to fit commercials in, and they'll do the same to Top Gear. May as well not air at all. And for those who say "some is better than none", have you seen edited Top Gear? I have one of the early ones. They announce things at the start of the show and show you clips, then don't actually show it. It's awful.

BBC Canada sucks.