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BBC closes East Enders Torrent site.

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Jan 31, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Just a heads up that BBC "requested" an East Enders torrent site to cease.

Hopefully the BBC are'nt going on a witch hunt for torrent sites at the moment. I believe the main problem is that BBC programs are available on satellite TV in America. However is'nt Top Gear available in other countries such as Australia on pay to view TV as well?

We had a discussion on this a little while back in the private forums. What we basically concluded was that while this isn't good news for this site, I think this doesn't 100% apply to us. For one thing, the only lost profits that I can think of due to this site is advertising profits within the UK and old Fifth Gear episodes being aired on SPEED (but that's not the BBC, so...). If either show were released on DVD, I think this would be a largely different matter.

And if they're worried about lost ad revenue, we'd gladly keep the ads in if they let us be. As I said in the poorly written legal disclaimer, our intentions aren't malicious in any way.

Hopefully both the BBC and Five TV will let us be and understand that we aren't out to make them loose any profits. I have a lotta respect for both shows and don't want them to loose any revenue.
Not open for further replies.