BBC & Sky Will Split F1 Coverage 2012-2018


Jun 22, 2011
BMW 3 Series
Well I said it was poor coverage didn't I? What is lunacy is to make one of the biggest fan bases for F1 in the world pay to watch it. Personally I'd much rather have crap free coverage than having to pay a very corrupt company who does not believe in a free impartial media. A company which has no regard for personal freedoms and privacy. A company that pays police officers for information and has no problems with revealing it has done so without any remorse. A company that has affected politics for well over 30 years in the united kingdom in very negative aspects, ( the winner of every general election since the early 80s has been supported by guess who? Mr Murdoch and his company). Formula 1 is hugely important to my life but it will never take precedence over such important issues. That's why I think you are a lunatic if you would rather pay such a company instead of receiving bad coverage for a sport.