Beautiful Disasters


Not quite what I was intending when I took it, but the spray (I was on a ferry) did its work :p
^ That should be in the Lens Flair thread (I think it's better than the one you posted in there). Claim you meant to do it and you would be better off... :p

Didn't pan. Ooops.
Set the f/stop at the wrong setting. Ended up with an almost perfect radial blur though.

Maybe it's just but some of the pics are pretty good to my amateur eyes anyways.

Here're some pic that I think qualify as disasters.

Looks a pit like an Aston, doesn't it?


uhhh... yeah
^^ that looks really cool


I can't really decide on this one. I edited it to look like an old photo, and I think it just about works but I'm not really sure. Thoughts?

You're there, in fact, do you have a higher res version? (1280x800 or above to be precise)