Beautiful Disasters

Went down to the river to have a go with the blurry water thing:
Ignoring the absolutely terrible quality of the photo - I missed the stage, and caught it at a 'lets make all the lights flash halfway through Plug In Baby' bit.


Taken without the flash - and I've removed one bucketload of noise from it.
I will never ever have another chance for a shot like this. I was messing around taking boring macro pictures in my backyard, heard a CF-18 roaring towards me and got ready for it, and then as the CF-18 was flying overhead a raven came in and flew over my head and onto my house. And it's a terrible picture.
Haha, almost the same as my picture seen a few posts up. Cool moment, crappy result. :D
These look kind of Doctor Who-ish, like how the TARDIS appears when it's about to go.

Bump! I tried to get this on center but I didn't have time but it turned out alright I think.


Something went wrong here; can't quite pinpoint it


They moved before I got the shot


All taken with a LG KF750 5MP Phone. Yes that's right; a phone.
forgot to change shutter speed for candids during first studio shoot. 2 seconds.

shot on my old PS wish I had zoomed out.
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I love this thread!

I was experimenting with light writing with this one.

Not the best result, but I like how it turned out nonetheless.

This one didn't come out anywhere near what I was planning either, but I still love it for some reason.

I wanted to photograph some trash someone (neighbor?) dumped right next to our garden... didn't went how it planed, but looks rather artistic... at least from my perspective and I have no sense for art at all :p
I was trying to take pictures of the Diwali fireworks, but i kept mistiming the exposure, and my hand was shaky (dad forgot where he put the tripod)







Shot in a restaurant and left it on the wrong mode, aborted the shot after i realized the shutter was open for too long, but i like how it turned out

Another shot I took at a party where I had camera on the wrong settings, once again, liked how it turned out

Another shot I took at a party where I had camera on the wrong settings, once again, liked how it turned out


depends who you ask but to me, those are the RIGHT settings for clubs...

i dont usually go for the group photo thing like here, i just go for randomly taking photos with my compact using the slow-sync setting. that way you kind of document the night exactly as you remember it.... a drunken blur. the flash gives you a good portion of the picture in focus and the slow shutter gives you blur and light trails. i love it!

have a look.....