swek said:
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
Americans are strict about it too! We were down in Daytona and the police were arresting loads of people who were just trying to buy drinks. We managed to get an old lady to help us out. :thumbsup:

What do you get for drinking while beeing underage. A night in prison or a fine ? Do your parents have to get you from the police station ?

Depends on where you are at in the US. In my college town, they basically made you stop, and wrote up a JR (which was basically a slap on the wrist, enough of them had real consequences, but occaisionally no big deal). I don't know of anywhere at least in my local area, where they haul you to prison for drinking underage, but localities may have such policies. I'm sure where I live now it's a fine if the police are involved, but most places if you get caught, they just kick you out.
hummmmm... well, I like the Guinness more than all, and I love Shiner Bock, and Stella Artrois, and Alaskan Amber, and Kokanee, yeah.

I'm gonna be heading up to Calgary for the Stampede this year, and if any Albertans happen to read this, what's the drinking age in Alberta, i'm fairly certain it's 18 but I want to make sure.
I prefer dark beers. Home brewed if possible.

From brand names I like Guinness and Czech beers (Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Staropramen...).
In Slovenia we have two big breweries - Lasko and Union. I usually drink dark beers from these two - Temno Lasko (Dark Lasko) or Crni Baron (Black Baron).
I prefer orange juice: Shaken, not stirred ;)
haz said:
my fav beer is the Dutch "Hoeghaarden" (sp?)


belgian :x :)
(and it's hoegaarden)

i never drank guiness, realy want to try it once
and there's 1 beer i can't stand at all, i just don't have the guts to poor it into my mouth, and that carlsberg

and so many people love that beer, can't understand why
I'm usually a Molson Canadian drinker if I'm at a bar or a party or something. If I'm not feeling 100% I'll go with Canadian Light.

If I'm in a good mood and feel up to a good drunk I'll get some Newfoudland brewed beer.... Black Horse, Jockey Club, Blue Star or Dominion Ale.

Edit: This inspires me to change my avatar.
I've never had the luxury of true European beer, but my two favorites are Yuengling Lager and Molson Canadian
I've had quite a few beers since I've last posted in this thread. I say I really like the English stuff the most (Bass, Newcastle), and Boddingtons Pub Ale is now my new favorite over Guinness. Wish they sold that in six packs because four isn't enough. ;)

As far as American beers go (yes, believe it or not there is more to American beer than just Bud and Coors), I think here in the Pacific Northwest we're holdin' it down on the microbrews. I had a pint of Mac & Jack's at a local restaurant and that was among the best beers I've had. Pyramid is quite good too, and Red Hook isn't so shabby either. I didn't like the overly smokey and bitterness of Red Hook ESB.

However, I've had Pilsner Urquell and sorry, I thought the bottle of the stuff I had tasted like a mouthful of pennies. I didn't care much for Heinieken, and I was indifferent to Red Stripe (Jamaican lager) and Fat Tire Ale (which a lot of people like for some reason).

Most disgusting "beer" ever is O'Doul's non-alcoholic, lol. I tired it just for shits and giggles, and wow that was amazingly bad.
i like guiness alot, my father learned me to drink that

bu mostly i'm very happy with a Jupiler or a Primus, both belgian beer, don't know if you guys now that
I was given a slab of Little Creatures Pale Ale on the weekend. Such a lovely beer, but only to be had from a glass, really tastes better than from the bottle.

A great Australian small brewery, their Rogers Beer is a great mid-strength if you want a bit more and you're driving home.

Best beer in the world! And guess what, that's 3 kilometres from my front door. I passed there four times a day with my bicycle when I was in lower school. In that time it was still "just" very good beer, but now there are long rows of waiting people if there is any available.

Stella Artois is also one of my favourites (as a normal drinking beer however, like when you are thirsty or watching a movie or eating). As degustation beer however, I like Leffe (blond) and Duvel. Blonde beers all the way here, don't like dark beers a lot. Except that dark St.-Sixtus, which is delicious :).



This beer has 8.5 procent alcohol. Many people tried to drink like ten in a row, but all of them failed :).
Tough guy trying to drink ten in one hour

edit: argh, getting thirsty just by watching the pictures!
Drink proper beer not lager. Beer should be warm and flat. I like Tetleys, Boddies and a nice bottle of Spitfire. Out of the lagers I prefer Carlsberg Export.
cant belive miller hasent come up its pritty good... also you can only have Guinness in ireland as its made in dublin not like nagera where the rest of the worlds Guinness is made...

not much for beers, do like them alcopops and cider....

its all good tho :p
Favs: Heiniken, 1664, Cardinal, Two Dogs, Desparado, Corona
Ok: Guiness, Kronenburg (sp?),