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Best Database?


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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
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i am making a database and can't figure out what to use. I have made it in MS Access but haven't inserted the Data coz I don't like it. i want something which creates a separate program of the database. not like Access where it opens the whole Acces program.

I also have to insert photos and access only saves .bmp files. thus too much space.

i am not an expert at Access so i might be missing something. your help will be greatly appreciated.
I personally use MySQL for everything database wise, but it's kind of useless if you aren't making a web application.

Usually for regular programs, I'll build the database by hand in C/C++. Overheat is right though MS Access is the most user friendly, but lacks a lot of power.
MS Access is crap.

I work with MSSQL on a daily basis, and I like it.
However it's not really user friendly if you don't have the GUI tools that come with the full version (the free version is more or less just the "runtime engine".)

I agree with hokie that MySQL / MSSQL and the likes might be a bit of overkill, depending on what you're trying to do with it.
IMHO, the benefit of learning SQL is very useful in the long run though (if you're planning to develop on a semi-regular basis).

For alternatives you could use a file based DB approach, such as DBF files or XML or the likes.
Hey dudes, i've just finished me database on access. findind exact detail of people from the datrabase is crutial, but unfortunately In the find box, I can only search two fiels which are of no importance. How do I add fields to be searched, like name and ID. So far i am stuck and very irritated. please help.
don't put pics in teh db, put just links to the pics !!! silly =]
I would of either suggested going towards MySQL or Postgres. Though for what you are doing, to do that the way it should be you would need to create some sort of interface for it. Thats where Access has its bonus I guess. Well, glad to hear you got it built.
I use MySQL for everything, but I only do web stuff, so... :)
MySQL is nice. Thats what I first learned. Now I do everything in Postgres. Both have their pro's and con's