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Best Episode???


Aug 9, 2005
Toronto, Canada
E30 91' 318is
Hey guys, i got class tomorrow and my teacher said i can bring in Top Gear to watch for the period
(its a Auto/Shop class) :D :D

Which episode do you think i sould bring in....

ps. only time for one full episode to show

i was thinking

TOP GEAR (SERIES 7) episode 3...


why not series 5 ep 2
or series 4 ep 4..CGT :drool:
I support logo's suggestions, both those eps. are great.
maybe a good idea for

Series 4 Ep. 4 too

because were doing a Fuel unit...so the Audi segment would be nice


what else?
just stick with it.. and the CGT review is one of the best JC had done in his entire career imo, so pure
05x08 kind of stands out a little in my mind.
Has a bit of everything: Sports Cars, WRC Cars, F1 Cars, Classic Cars.
wooflepoof said:
I've a soft spot for 5x08 too

Yeah 5x08 does have a little bit of everything. Although as soon as I read the title I said "7x03 no doubt"...it's a toss up, I have no idea.
There was a thread about it last week. I said what you said Majjic, [07x03]. Best episode ever.