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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Another new thread from me here :D

This time I thought it would be nice to simply post eBay auctions that catch your interest (car related only please) - I've found myself a few times browsing eBay and dreaming, so why not share our opinions. It's one thing to say your dream car is an SLR, it's another to point out the actual model that will be sold within the next 10 days :)

I'll start things off with this:

1967 Dodge Charger -





How beautiful is this specimen?! WOW! :D
That orange RS is my favourite, but VWKafer, post the links ;)
sorry :cry:
you say sorry, but you still haven't done it - lol! come on boy :p

Ren: That auction you've found there has some really awesome photography, I must say I'm mightily impressed.
That's why I chose it!

And also because for once they do show all the flaws in detail, that makes me confident in buying it, I know what to expect
The pic from yours look as though they are from a brochure or a nice car mag. :thumbsup:
As I told you one time, you can edit your posts. no need to double post everytime ;) I don't bother with one once in a while, but I remember seeing 4 posts of you in a row. :lol:
:puke: @ the cream 80's white interior ...

:shock: HOT DANG, that is so hot, anybody wanna donate me 100 grand or so? :mrgreen:
I would prefer it Black/Black, but hey, I'm not picky. :mrgreen:

That one is one of my favourite Porsches, too. 8)