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Mar 1, 2019
it really doesn't :D
that car didn't age well at all if you ask me

it looks like a 90s mitsubishi...
but the FTO actually looks nicer than this
I have to agree with this. Well, maybe not with the 90's Mitsubishi analogy, but it didn't age well at all. Those headlights look cheap (the same goes for the Ferrari 360), and the fact they changed the taillights from those beautiful boomerang LED ones to these that look as if they were taken from some Lancia of similar vintage is a sin. And the overall shape looks a bit... mediocre.

On the other hand, I found this. A Peugeot 406 2.0 16v with 45,000 km, the description says only "the car is literally new", and there are only four very mediocre pictures of it, but then, a) it's quite near me, b) it really seems to be in original condition, c) it seems to have the original stereo and d) judging by the licence plates, it's freshly registered. Considering it costs 2700€, it seems like a steal. Now, if only I had the money...


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Mar 27, 2005
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Yeah, the appeal of that Maserati is the drivetrain, namely the combination of that V8 and the manual and that exhaust note. Then again I might as well just tweak the exhaust of the XKR some more and live with the auto, and end up with a better-looking and more reliable car with most of the driving experience.


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May 29, 2008
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The interior ‘quality’ on those cars is terrible. But if I ever have an opportunity to own one with the boomerang taillights for a similar price, I’d buy it.
I used to work with a guy who owned one around 2002-3. Epic car but he was a complete dick.

How we laughed when, after paying £57k for it, he sold it just 10 months later for £38k. That's nearly £23k or 40% per annum depreciation!!

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Dec 19, 2008
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Location: Lithia Springs, Georgia, 30122
Stock #: 3869-ATL
VIN #: RS27L8G174332
Mileage: 79,446
Transmission: Auto
Exterior: Pink
Interior: Black

Seller’s Description:
That's right, kids, it's big, bad, blown, and pink. Of course, with 800 horsepower on tap, nobody's going to make fun of this spectacular 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible. Beautifully built and ready to rock, this is a car that works on the track but really lives on the street.

You have to be on a mission to build a car like this and paint it Panther Pink. You also have to know that doing so will attract A LOT of attention, so they went the extra mile to give all those onlookers something interesting to look at. And this is no race car where cosmetics came second. No, panel fit is excellent, especially for a high-horsepower convertible, and that paint looks like it cost a lot of money. The hood is blacked out, but it's gloss black, so it's easier to maintain and gives the car a slightly different look (as if it needed help in that department). The sheetmetal hasn't been radically modified, and they even managed to stuff those giant rear tires under the stock quarters, so there was no surgery required there. The doors open and close easily, the hood clears the blower, and all the correct GTX emblems were reinstalled once the paint was dry. Even the bumpers got a nice, shiny layer of chrome to reinforce the street car image.

The interior is full of race gear, but it's far from minimalist. The original bench seat was dumped in favor of a pair of body-hugging race buckets, which were embroidered with GTX logos in matching pink, which is a nice detail that suggests the builder went the extra mile. The back seat is gone, of course, but the area is fully upholstered and the panels surrounding the roll cage are neatly fitted and give it a very well-finished appearance. Auxiliary instruments under the dash include a tach and shift light, and the TCI shifter controls a reverse valve body, so practice your shifts before you go out hunting. The original AM/FM radio is still in the dash, albeit disconnected, since you're really not going to be able to use it with the thundering big block rumbling away anyhow. Even the trunk is neatly upholstered in black carpet, including the fuel cell and battery box.

The engine is a stroked and poked 440, which now displaces 500 cubes, and runs happily on 93 octane pump gas. Twin 650 Holleys feed the 6-71 blower, which looks awesome sitting atop the color-matched engine. In fact, all the hardware is painted to match the bodywork, suggesting that this car might be as effective on the show field as the drag strip. Painted inner fenders, plenty of chrome, and a big aluminum radiator delight the eye when you pop the hood, and the undercarriage looks every bit as impressive. The transmission is a reworked TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic with a 3100 RPM stall torque converter. Out back, a narrowed Ford 9-inch rear was stuffed full of Strange axles and a set of 5.18 Auburn gears, and there's a disc brake at all four corners. Long-tube headers and a full custom 3-inch exhaust system with side exits makes for a truly epic soundtrack that removes all doubt about this car's potency. Skinny front tires and mammoth Mickey Thompson meats try to hook it all up.

With just 500 miles on the build, this car is still very fresh. A long labor-of-love build, commissioned by a late friend of the company, and built by Kermit Harper, another late-great friend, this car has a special place in our hearts. We hope it goes to someone that can truly appreciate it for how amazing it really is.

If this car is for sale in a year...