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Bullshit that's actually legal on the road.... Perhaps some weird mississippi loophole, but man.... Also that has to be mexican market with the license plate being able to fit and have screw holes.
Oh, it can be legal alright. However, I wouldn't go around collecting more dubious imports or attempting to sell them. Lest you find your friendly neighborhood federal government agents knocking on your door with a battering ram at 0300 and making a spectacle of crushing them.
What did they do to the rear end? Eww. Otherwise Ka is cool. This one isn't rotten around the fuel filler.
Didn't @ninjacoco want to import a Ford Ka from Europe for LeMons? I mean, this one is a bit more than I'd be willing to pay for a LeMons car, but one can also try to knock the price down a bit thanks to that rear panel damage.
Ha! Beni offered a free Ka and I'm still kicking myself for not being able to get it. The price of this one is WAY too high, although maybe not if you factor in the costs of shipping a Ka here from .de.

I am mildly afraid that a Mississippi Ka would be running afoul of the feds, though.
Was the problem that Beni's Ka was too new to be imported or that the shipping to Texas would've been prohibitively expensive? Or both?

I am just casually going to mention that if you just want to hoon one around, it could be arranged that I keep an eye on the classifieds for an inexpensive car locally, shall the 2022 Roadtrip take place in the Balkans... :D
As much as I like the idea of an old bedliner-ed Cherokee to match the Disco they're having a laugh with that price.
Yeah, it looks really cool, but the price tag seems like they put an extra zero in it. Yet they didn't, as they're mentioning trading it for a Tesla and paying max €10,000 in trade.

I kinda want some of what they're smoking.