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best overall internet protection program


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
right now i am using norton systemworks 2005 premier.

what are u guys using and why is it better
Kaspersky AntiVirus, because...., because..., It's Russian program. :D
swek said:
Common sense. It serves me the best :lol:
^ :lol:

I have a hardware firewall (on my Linksys router) and use Norton Antivirus. I have never had a problem with this setup.
Trend Micro's PC-Cillin Internet Security Suite. I'm switching from Norton System Werks Premier 2005, to PC-Cillin for a month to "try it before I buy it" :lol:

So far I like it. :D
I use a 3com Hardware firewall and Zone alarm as well for my desktop... my laptop just has Hardware Firewall and a spyware detection program ;)
Common sense + a router + Zone Alarm 4.5 for outgoing protection.
yea but common sense makes u think. i dont wanna stress out on wheater i should go on to the site or not.
I'm using Norton Internet Security 2005 until my trial runs out, but F-Secure Internet Security 2005 is the best program out there simply because it covers 9/10 security threats (it doesn't have a privacy component), which is more than any other out there currently.

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