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Best Police Cars


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Mar 4, 2005
What's the best police car/cars your local cops have?

In Edinburgh (where I go to uni) they have a very tasty Merc E55 AMG
In Cumbria (where I'm from) the best they have is an Impreza

The average cop cars are like bog standard ford focii and crappy little vans :thumbsdown:
At least 1 mid-90's Camaro here. Has a high-speed light bar and everything.


golf TDI chipped to 160bhp (they have 1 in my town)

their other cars are VW polo SDI (63bhp :thumbsup: ), or van-type things
Opel Vectras and Ford Mondeos mostly here with the occasional Saab 9-3 somewhere I think. Vans seems to be always VWs. I think the sedans are 2 litre engine cars, dont know if their performance values have been increased, but it would be only sensible.

One exception is the Jaguar S-Type-R with about 400bhp, which was donated to the capitol area coppers.
Over here it's a mix of American Caprices, Crown Victorias, Australian Luminas and old-style Land Cruisers (Land Cruiser 70 I think they're called).
Its not the best but its close: Holden Commodore SS 03'

The best we got are found in the Northern Territory (desert)-HSV GTO 6.0L V8's
In Edinburgh (where I go to uni) they have a very tasty Merc E55 AMG
Nice... :D
In Holland we have alot of different cars.

Toyota Hi-Lux 2.4 D 1992
Volkswagen Vento TDI 1995
Volkswagen Kombi D 1995
Volkswagen Golf TDI 1998
Volkswagen LT35 TDI 1999
Volkswagen Bora TDI 2001
Volkswagen Polo TDI 2001
Volkswagen Sharan TDI 2002
Opel Vivaro 2.5 DTI 2003
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD 2004
Porsche 911 Targa (Not sure if it's still used)
Volvo V70 T5
Volvo S80
Ford Focus TDCi
Opel Astra
Opel Vectra
Mercedes Benz A-class
Mercedes Benz C-class

You choose which is best ;)
in bulgaria we have TT and an S merc :mrgreen:
in romania i've seen passat V6 4motion's
in former yugoslavia they use chipped peugeout 307's
in hungary the highwaypolice has a fleet of RS Octavia's (and a mustang picture's around on the net from a car exhibiton, dunno how "real" that is)
and here in the netherlands in maastrich, there are only crappy focuses and vw transporters :lol:

i watched a few years back a documentary on german secret service, swat and stuff like that. there they used SKN tuned cars, found even an article about that (in german of course) here

[edit] just found out that we also have a brand new 911 convertible thats used as a police car as well :mrgreen: :thumbsup:

here is the proof :p


TT & Merc
^^ Why in the hell do you have convertibles?
Why convertibles ? Were they impounded by the Police and later used by them ?
In Oslo (Norway), the traffic cops have unmarked Volvo V70/S70 R's, chip-tuned to 330 hp... And a recent Opel Vectra GTS (unknown engine)

(if you're in the area, the license plates are DJ22419 and DJ22420 for the unmarked ones usually responsible for Oslo, "trafikkorpset"... one green V70 and one silver S70, watch out!) :)

Other than those, it's a bunch of crappy cars like Peugeot 406, older standard Volvo's, some Nissan Primera, Ford Mondeo, ++. Nothing fancy.
Is the weather so hot in Bulgaria ?

convertibles... :wall:
the convet. is probz when the cops get their game on and stand up and pop bad guys tires or heads lol
in malaysia:
normal police cars are just crap Protons

Highway police here uses:
Volvo 850 T-5
E36 328i
Modified 4wd Proton Perdana at 330hp
(I Heard about this, haven't seen it) 2 Toyota Supra's that were impounded, both have well over 400hp