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best SD card for O2 XDA IIs.


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys, my dad just got a O2 XDA IIs. i am wondering whats the best SD card to get for him.

i'm planning on getting a 2GB one but i'm wondering if the so called faster SD cards are worth the moeny. i heard that the faster ones drain battery.

i'll post pics of the phone soon, its so sweet. seems big but light as a paper. mon. is so nice.

also any good hand held programs to get?
I don't know the price there, but here it's definitely a lot cheaper if you buy 2 cards of 1 GB.
the amout of memory you want on your SD card is really up to your dad, its up to him to decide how much he needs.... but I would suggest for the IIs.... you get 1gb ;)
The only test I saw was about CF, not SD, and one of the best were Transcend. I'll see if I can find that test.