Best smooth cognac?


May 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Porsche 944 Turbo
I'd like to find out what you think is the best cognac. I'm looking for something smooth that isn't too expensive... something around $50 or so would be good.

Things I've tried:
Alize VSOP - Didn't seem to have much flavor
Courvoisier VS - Quite good but goes down a bit rougher than I'd like
(brandy) St Remy VSOP - Needs to be with ice, don't really like it
(brandy) E&J VSOP - Mixes good, but other than that... eh. Price isn't bad though.

So yeah, what smooth cognac do you think is best? I might try Courvoisier VSOP as I hear it's smoother than the VS.
Courvoisier VSOP good price to taste ratio D:

Don't like remy that much

Crap cars, good Cognac.

Actually, I have never tasted Renault, but I've heard it's marvellous. it costs 56? in Estonia ( where we go buy our spirits) which is a lot, but I plan to buy a bottle one day..

One day..

Honestly, just buy the cheapest stuff, or something proper.
Renault cognac, now that sounds interesting... I knew someone with a renault, decent car actually other than the brakes had to be adjusted constantly or it wouldn't stop.

I picked up a bottle of remy martin vs (was on sale for $20) and it's not too bad. I get this strange numb sensation with remy though; upper lip goes numb.

So I guess for the time being I'll stick with remy as it's not bad for the price.