Better Call Saul

Just watched it too.... Right in the feels
Since the first season I've been thinking that Better Call Saul is a better show than Breaking Bad, and this third season just solidified this opinion.
Their use of slow camera, lack of dialogue and silence is masterful, and the character of Jimmy McGuill is so real! I keep going from love to hate and everything in between about him.

The edit of the scene when Kim crashes the car scared the crap out of me. Brilliant!
yes I feel the same about your comments about the Mc Gills. Very good, better than BB.

But... Mike, Nacho, Gus, Salamanca:wheelchair:, Lydia, etc...

Mike is awesome, respect man. Dismantling his car looking for a bug was epic.

Who knew that one day I would care about Nacho??????? :dunno:

But I do now and this is how good it is for me.

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With the new season coming soon, I am watching the series again, and I need to remind you why it is so good.