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BHM Game of the year award!


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Oct 4, 2004

updated mon, Feb. 13th, 2006 0:00
>Sim racing awards - 2005 was a good year for LFS
At the start of every year, AutoSimSport and Blackhole Motorsports ask the sim racing community to vote for their favorite (aspects of) sims and results are coming in.

We are proud to have been rewarded with so many awards this year:

-The AutoSimSport "Best simulation" award,
-The AutoSimSport "Sim racing personality of the year" went to Victor van Vlaardingen.

The BH Motorsports awards are now over as well and we have been blessed with the following 3 awards :

-The BHM "Game of the year" award,
-The BHM "Best multiplayer" award,
-The BHM "Best physics" award.

Thank you all for your confidence and enthusiasm!

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Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Shows you how 3 people without huge corporate sponsors can accomplish.