Bhutto Assassinated


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Dec 11, 2006
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Yep... i don't care to be honest. It's just normal business in these countries to "remove" people whose nose u don't like. As soon as the fires started by the riots are put out nobody will think about it anymore.
I don't think so. Bhutto was a vocal moderate leader, and after what's happened to her it may be hard for someone to fill her shoes. I think her influence will be sorely missed. Pakistan desperately needs that balance, like Jacobfox noted, inorder to keep from completely falling apart.

Too bad, but I myself won't be one to lionize her; she may have had good ideas for the country, but like her father, was mired in corruption.

And also, she died from a skull fracture, probably when she was evading the assassin.
Unfortunately that (corruption) seems to be the cost of getting anything done in many countries. Skull fracture huh? Yeesh. I had heard that she was shot, then the bomb went off, and chaos ensued.


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Mar 23, 2005
I had a feeling about this. They are grooming her son. He was named the leader of the party...a 19 year old student with no politcal experience, and I think he doesn't even speak the language. So her father was PM, then the son next?