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May 19, 2005
I don't drive, I fly.
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Alright. Instead of derailing other threads, let?s talk about our former or current bycicles and stories about it.:D

I had a Trek 430 for 12 years, and eventually it became to small for me, so I traded it for a brand new Trek 3900 :mrgreen:


A few months later, someone put up a GT Timberline for sale. Since my girlfriend wanted a bike and the seller was asking for next to nothing, I bought it. It had a horrid paintjob, so I sanded and sprayed it flat black, gave it new shifters, new tires, new seat and an all-around makeover.
So, what do you have/had?
I love Bicycles!! I am an avid cyclist both on the road and off. I generally ride about 5 days a week mostly on my road bike. I own a '06 Specialized Allez Comp and an '01 Gary Fisher Paragon. Here is a picture of the Allez I don't have a pic of the paragon on this computer.

My "new" ride... got it at the end of October after my old one was worn done with about 30.000km

On this one I've also more then 2000km now... April was a good month for Mountain biking, so 680km. I hope May can top this.
I prefer bikes with a engine in the frame... But I do have a vintage Motob?cane race bike.

Then you might like mine. It's got a 49cc 2-stroke and it goes about 30mph. It's a lot of fun plus it's great for going to work since it uses a fraction of the gas my car does. I can go 2 weeks to work before filling up again.

I had one of these...until it got stolen. <_<

My old bike was, well, old. It must of been atleast 10 years old and it simply started to disintegrate. The stand broke off, both pedals fell off, the bike made scraping sounds, the chains were made out of rust and finally the the middle part between the pedals started to loosen up. So me and dad decided that it would be just easier to buy a new bike. So I got this one. It was cheap, but it looks cool and it gets me to school and back, so it's fine for me.

Here is the picture.
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My first 'brand' bike :)

I had a big slip earlier this year when I bent the bullbars, but apart from that, all is well.
I have a mountain bike... its red and muddy... and that is extent of my knowledge! I want a new one though... and by "new" I mean one from 30 years ago that I haven't owned!:D

My little sisters bike on the other hand is a Raleigh 20 Shopper, complete with working built in lights powered by a dynamo, 3 gears, dented rusty shopping basket and whitewall tyres. Finished in a lovely purple colour with cream seat and handle bars

I should know I spent a while re-fubushing it, now it needs two new tyres. Its not easy finding 30 year old bike tyres, especialy with the whitewalls! :lol:
More proof that I'm old: my bikes are more practical than yours. ;)

My daily driver:
2007 Gudereit SX75, 27-gear-Shimano something or other, Magura HS11 brakes, hub dynamo, LED lights, weighs about 14 kg. Mostly without the shopping basket, though.

And for the weekend mostly, bought in spring 2006:
2006 Vinci road bike, 27-gear-Shimano 105, Shimano brakes, about 9.5 kg.
Nothing too fancy for me, 2001 Trek 6700.

Random pic, but it is nearly the same as mine, except I don't have disc brakes and I have a taller frame.
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I used to have the classic Barbie Bike... If that counts?
While i'm here, you know what hurts? When you break or fall and hit your pubic bone really hard on the sticky up bit before the handle bars are. I'm glad i'm not a man...
I had a Stevens S4 until it got stolen right after i purchased a new gear"box" and tires -.-
Afterwards I bought a Gudereit C45 and recently a Stevens x6disc. Best money I spent in a looong time :D


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I have been mountain biking for about 6 years now, here was one of my mountain bikes before I sold it


and got this


I did my first road race on it last weekend, that was fun.
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I have one in the shed. It is blue. That is about all I can remember about it because I got my license shortly after I got it and I loooooove the car :lol: I should probably use it eventually