There are no out front mounts for Karoo 2 for aero handlebars, not even aftermarket ones.
WTF? Honestly? And there are no round little plastic things with two m3 rivets that you can just bolt to whatever mount you have? That seems like a massive design oversight.
To show what I mean, this is the mount that came with my Chinesium frame, should be obvious what I mean and how just the actual mount-part is easily exchangeable:

… I even went and ordered a second one, because I like this design better than the original Canyon Mount for their aero bars. Also this one has a GoPro mount underneath which can hold my lights. Or a GoPro.

That said, you absolutely must have a Hammerhead account just to set the device up in the first place, there's no way around it. I don't know about the current Garmin or Wahoo experience
Yeah same same…

Edit: ok I actually went and checked what the hammerhead mount looks like - and I can see why that similar things with Garmin/wahoo/whatever round mounts wouldn’t exchange well for that. There are a bunch of bike/bar-specific 3d printed mounts for aero bars on eBay for like 30€ a pop. Oof.
WTF? Honestly? And there are no round little plastic things with two m3 rivets that you can just bolt to whatever mount you have? That seems like a massive design oversight.
Well, as I said with the adapter you can use a normal Wahoo/Garmin mount, but then you can't use the funky slim one anywhere else...
Well, as I said with the adapter you can use a normal Wahoo/Garmin mount, but then you can't use the funky slim one anywhere else...
Ah, i somehow misread that… fair enough then. May look a little weird also, i guess? But then again, so does my mount because of the huge cutout on the wahoo unit for the stock “aero” mount.
Edit: googled again, that adapter ain’t half bad tbh.
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So err… I waxed some chains. And in so doing discovered that those 500g of wax I have will probably last me the rest of my life. Essily like 50-100 chains or so… :|
I have a Cateye GVolt 70.1 as headlight on my gravel bike and auxiliary light on my cargo bike (main light there is the Busch+Müller IQ-X). Yesterday I charged it fully during the day and rode since then, most of it on the highest brightness:
  • An hour back from work yesterday
  • 15 minutes to work today
  • 2 hours back from work today
The light has an LED which according to the manual lights up red when the battery capacity dips below 20%. That was about an hour into today's ride so I decided to completely drain the battery at home to fully charge it during the night. I came home at around 19:30h, it's 22:30h now and the light has been on full blast for the last three hours. The rated run time for the "high" setting at 20°C is approximately 4 hours so my light currently did 50% above that. :thumbsup:

I've never tested that before, now I can say with confidence that I don't have to be home within an hour after the red LED lights up, the headlight will work way longer with the red LED on...

Is that the so called range anxiety people have with electric cars? :dunno:

Well, six minutes later and the light finally ran out of battery, as if it heard me marveling about it's stamina... :think:
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Well, six minutes later and the light finally ran out of battery, as if it heard me marveling about it's stamina... :think:
Ha! Of course!
Nice, I have that same light and never even wondered about how long it’d last or anything - good to know!
Soo, picked up the bike about a week ago! Delivery experience at the store was pretty bad, safe to say they won't see me there again for service or anything. But I've got the thing.


Weather so far wasn't great for riding, but I've got a few km in. Rode it home after pickup, what should've been a 10km route ended up being 12 after I got hopelessly lost - hence first upgrade, SP-Connect phone holder on the stem :D

IMG_0071.jpeg IMG_0072.jpeg

Quickly drew up and printed an adapter ring to flush-mount the thing to the curved stem surface. Then tried fitting the phone. Works well, wanted to take a picture of how it fits. Brain froze for a while trying to figure out how to do that... could've gone and got the iPad, but couldn't be bothered enough :)

Another thing I fitted is a flashlight holder. Have some very shaky night pictures for comparison. The built-in light is pretty good, but obviously 2000-ish lumens from a Sofirn SC31 Pro are more betterer for actual night riding.

IMG_0074.jpeg - built-in lamp, maybe 20m of light, nice and low down to not blind anyone
IMG_0075.jpeg - high beam from the Sofirn. Should get out to 50m at least, more if I put it on Turbo (this is a couple levels below that). This _will_ blind anyone coming the other way, but at least I'll see them early enough to switch it off :D

Next on the list is a new backpack that also fits as a side bag on the bike, for groceries and commuting and stuff. And maybe a basket for smaller things, something that fits on the MIK system that the bike has.
NBD achieved!
Having built this myself from that lovely Chinesium frame, I am a little afraid of actually riding it lol 😐

Parts list (only first two, but major parts, are Chinesium):
  • Lightcarbon LCG071 frame and cockpit
  • Farsports Kaze wheels (50mm deep, 26 wide, dt350 hubs, wrong color spoke nipples because I originally got these for a red bike a few years ago)
  • SRAM Rival AXS brakes and brifters
  • SRAM Force XPLR derailleur (because it was same price as rival)
  • SRAM Rival power meter cranks (42T)
  • SRAM XPLR 10-44T cassette
  • Some Shimano SPD Pedals I had lying around
  • Errr… ah yes: Selle Italia SLR superflow boost saddle, same as on my other bikes.
  • Edit: I forgot the Schwalbe G-One Bite tires and a Rival chain and some random bits and bobs (chain wax, sealant, tape, assembly paste, loctite, grease… most of which I had around already anyway).
Adding it all up, including the ridiculous paint job that I paid extra for, this comes to a total of somewhere around 2300€.

Edit: TRUST ACHIEVED and then some! 🤣 this might have been one of the top 3 rides for Most fun I’ve had on a bike. Absolutely insane!
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I hope a Karoo 2 since the Karoo 1 doesn't receive any updates anymore. :)
Welp, since I received a fat christmas bonus, Canyon lowered some prices again and I get an additional 5% discount via a program my employer subscribed to: I ordered a Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 eTap including shipping for 580 Euros less than sticker price without shipping. I'll sell my current Grail CF SL 7 so all in all I think I'll pay around 1000 Euros for the swap. My new company leasing bike should arrive soon™ as well so with the sale of my current cargo bike I'm changing from Rohloff Speedhub and Shimano GRX to two bikes with SRAM eTap...

I haven’t really ridden much lately, for a variety of Life™ reasons. 😬

My most recent ride was on 11/9, and it was a 13.8-mile, 1,972-ft adventure with two mountain bikers. One was on a gravel bike identical to mine, but the send-it mentality was still very much present. 😂 Somehow I survived.


Before that I did the fondo I talked about a lot on Telegram on 10/29. I ended up completing the shortest route of 21.6 miles and 1,667 feet of elevation gain, and it felt like quite an accomplishment. 🎉


I also discovered that the trainer I was eyeing (Wahoo Kickr Core) maxes out well below my current weight, so that won’t be a treat for this winter. 😒 But on the plus side, I live in Southern California, so I should still be able to do some riding, if said Life™ allows. 😅

Mini-goal: with the mileage on the bike currently sitting at 469.3, I’d like to get another 30.7 to hit 500 before the end of the year. 🤞
New bike day! :love: ten07 Unicorn with SRAM Eagle eTap AXS derailleur and Rival-Brifter on Ritchey WCS VentureMax, SON hub dynamo, Busch+Müller IQ-X and Hope Pro5 rear hub :wub:

2023-12-02 Unicorn 2.jpg

2023-12-02 Unicorn 1.jpg

2023-12-02 Unicorn 3.jpg

2023-12-02 Unicorn 4.jpg

2023-12-02 Unicorn 5.jpg
Currently four, next week with the Grizl I ordered on Tuesday it will be five, but I'll sell two of them soon™ since I neither need two cargo bikes nor two gravel bikes. ;)
Need, pfff 🙈 there’s always a way to rationalize n+1. five isn’t even close to crazy imo… completely reasonable even (if two weren’t direct doubles admittedly).

If I count the bikes I have access to, I end up at six myself (gravel, road, zwift, „daily“ (which I can’t daily because 60km commute), cargo, folding) - however the latter two aren’t strictly mine (as in exclusively, they’re shared with my wife).
Since the cargo bike is in fact my "daily", I can just swap the wheelset on the gravel bike to slicks so I really can't justify a separate road bike to myself That means those two really are everything I need. I mean, I could realistically afford a really nice dedicated road bike, but I just don't see the benefit for me, I just cycle for myself so I really don't care if I get 30 kph on average or 28. ;)