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bit comet keeps crashing.


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys, my bit comet keeps crashing wasting my time. is there a cure, i sent eror report already

on the other hand is there something like bit comet on the market?

i dont like stuff like bit tornado.
Yea, must be an error with Bit Comet at the moment. I use Bit Lord, which is basically Bit Comet with a search bar, and the same thing keeps happening to me. It's getting less frequent now though, so perhaps they're fixing it.
is it coz of the manual connect button? it seems to speed up my downloads when i hammer on it lol.

but is azureus like kazaa and u can download stuff using it or is it just a manager

moreover, will my downloads jump to azureus? if not i might as well wait till mine are done.
NEVER! i love downloading! i love the feeling of, getting stuff for free when i could have paid for it.

the best feeling so far is the porno and ms office 2003 pro for free. coz ms off cost like 3.2k in hk and i paid nuffin!