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Bit Comet


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys, i finally worked out all that port fowarding static ip stuff and finally connectable. however, i seem to be stuck at uploading at only 60kb.s when my limit is like 840kb.s.

anyone got some advice?

thanks in advance
What connection do you have?

840 kb/s up would be like 11Mbit
and 60 kb/s up would be like 0,5 Mbit

^^ Yeah... I only have 128 kbit up atm...

Can't wait for my 512/6012 line in september...

On the website, netvigator.com, i technically should get a maximum upstream speed of up to 640Kbps.

when i tested it on dsl reports i got like 1784 / 503

i got like 1880/840 once when no one else was using the internet in my house once.
so basically are there any tweeks or things i should do or double check

thanks in advance

2005-06-25 15:30:42 EST: 1809 / 502
Your download speed : 1853186 bps, or 1809 kbps.
A 226.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 514492 bps, or 502 kbps.

So I would assume your connection is a 2mb/512KB line or 1.5/512.

In that case how are you assuming you can upload at 800+kbps, when your limit is 512kbps?
however, i seem to be stuck at uploading at only 60kb.s when my limit is like 840kb.s.

If it is 512kbps, then 60KBps upload is pretty correct. Unless you have a 1mb upload rate, in which case your max upload rate should be around 100-120KBps.
on the other hand, my bit comet always crashes, does anyone know why this happens or how to prevent or fix it?
umm i havent taken note of it, but basically i think it overloaded with something and crashed. sometimes it is triggered by me click to much on stuff.

but the error report jsut basically saids its crashed and wants to email bitcoemt staff

its turned up today