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Bittorrent & Zonealarm


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May 20, 2004
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There seems to be a bug in the latest release of Zonealarm (V5.0) which kills bittorrents after about 10 minutes.
Symptoms seem like a gradual (about 40 seconds) loss of communication.
The PC then locks up in a very strange way, the mouse works OK but neither programs or task manager will start and the computer won?t shut down, the only way out is a reset.

I installed V5.0 last week and noticed this late Wedneday (while trying to download top Gear :) ). After un-installing V5.0 and re-installing V4.5 the problem disappeared.

I am using the ABC client on XP, others in the Zonalarm forums have also had problems with azureus. & If you are using the paid for version, be careful with your keys.
Using 4.5 here...
Viper007Bond said:
Using 4.5 here...

Lucky (or very clever, letting other people try it out 1st eh? :) )

Zone alarm kept bugging me to install newer version until I gave in last week.
I got sick of zone alarm and norton internet security and such, so I bought a router (which I needed anyway), and I'm happy I did. :)
I have a router and so I have Zone Alarm's incoming firewall turned off. The only reason I have it is for outgoing connections so that stuff I don't want accessing the Internet can't. ;)
Thanks imillman :!:
I've been wrestling with that problem for a few weeks. There were couple of days after update when I didn't use my comp and the next time when I tryed it just got stuck and I had to boot over and over again. Thought it was my ISPs fault.
Then I got almost depressed :cry: knowing that I won't be able DL TGs/5th gears and then you came along, my hero :) .
I had this problem too, after updating. I switched to Kerio Firewall v4, works fine. You can try that or go back to ZA 4.X, that's just as good.
Im using 4.5 myself and ignore the upgrade notices. I have a router for inbound stuff but use ZA for protection against outbound items that dont need to be calling home ;) 8)