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BMW 7 series restyling


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Dec 7, 2003
BMW 330Cd
Here it is, with a full living room furniture and a very beautiful steering wheel :yucky:



I like the front, I guess it was improved, but the rear has just changed it's strangeness. It's like Audi's new rear design but badly interpreted.
Of course it's just my opinion, but I find new BMWs far too exagerated. :bmwpoo: (I just had to use this) :lol:
I like it, not the steering wheel tho, and they made the trunk lid and bumpers look flush from certain angles...cool :)

But I guess the lights on the trunk lid look, unfinished, like they ran out of clear lens covers to underneath :p
Agreed the steering wheel is ugly as hell. The rest of it does seem to be an improvement but overall I still like the E38 better.
erm... what the flying fuck is that... its gone so fuckin ugly... can't wait to what clarkson has to say about it... this has got to be the ugliest BMW to date
The front is surprisingly good for a BMW. I really like it but you all know what im gonna say now...THE BACK ARRRGGG! "What happened here? Did the designer sneeze perhaps.." :lol:. Its all wrong and out of proportion :huh: . It sort of looks like its Japenese inspired..off a lexus or something..i dunno :? The inside looks sweet :drool:. That center armrest is to die for!!
Chuck me a 2006 S-Class anyday. It has a lot more passion and thought behind it. Should be more advanced aswell.

This Bimmer is overdesigned :thumbsdown: and only old people will be interested in it.
The front looks REALLY REALLY good! Serious, but not on a bmw 7series, the 7 series always had that powerful "you can't touch me" look...

But I really like it... :jawdrop:
na... that BMW has lost the look that made it "cool"... the "bling" factor... it just looks too overdesigned now
i like it, face is ok now and the rear is cool.

doesn't seem FAT as before?
WTF? Are you guys crazy? IMO The ass looks much better without that silly plastic ruler with lights behind it. It doesn't look fat anymore.
It looks a lot better, both the interior and the exterior except for the steering wheel. Too much going on there.
Exaclty, you don't wanna mess with 'fat' people, and you don't wanna mess with the old 7-series..I'm falling in love with the front.. :eek:
doesn't look too bad - just very ordinary, the BMW range does not excite me at all any more. And what's with those alloys :hurl: <---we need a hurl emoticon
TBH i like it lol. i tihnk its quite nice and cool. better lookin that the current ones. i was lookin at the oldest ones for sale in HK for about 600,000 and they are so ugly! and the color too man, that blueish whale color god damm. why did they just get a white or black one if they had no taste for color!
I really LOVE the front but the back is horrendous and makes the whole car look :thumbsdown: .

The front is the only bright side to another bad or moderate looking BMW ;)