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Oct 4, 2004
Text & Photos courtesy Alpina GmbH

Luxurious performance cabriolets are no longer simply the domain of bespoke British and Italian handiwork. ALPINA present the B6 Cabrio ? a viable alternative ?combining performance and luxury with a high degree of everyday usability 500 horsepower, 700 Nm ? absurd in an open-topped sports car? Far from it. The V8?s beguiling sound and opulent torque entice the driver to glide along in a relaxed fashion, any and all red-line orgies far afield, much like cruising on a Harley Davidson. This provides the time to drink in the top-down mel?nge of breezes, scents and sounds. Leather, wood and matchless ergonomics caress the inhabitants, immediately creating a sense of comfort and well-being

The acceleration suggests a super-sports car: 100 kph from a standing start is reached in 4.9 seconds, with speeds in excess of 300kph less than a minute away ? the only short interruptions undertaken by the 6-speed ZF automatic?s smooth upshifts. This noble Gran Tourismo is just as good at communicating the sound of its sonorous V8 directly into the cockpit, whether top down, or with just the rear windscreen lowered

Driving a BMW ALPINA is an adventure in intense comfort, yet we don?t define comfort as the absence of any feedback through the chassis, as many would have it. Comfort defines itself to us in a completely different manner. The steering needs to be exact, but light on its feet at the same time. The seats need to be firm, with good lateral support. Dampers and springs must nip languid suspension swells in the bud. The tyres will accept great cornering, braking and acceleration forces, without sidewalls that are too stiff and without being too heavy in general. For these reasons, we at ALPINA simply don?t like Run-Flat tyres

The staggered tyres, as always from MICHELIN, are generously dimensioned: 255/35 ZR20 front and 285/30 ZR20 rear, and mounted on large 20? ALPINA DYNAMIC wheels. In spite of the low aspect ratios, a special tyre configuration makes them capable of high levels of comfort, this coupled with handling that turns every long drive into a joy ride. For those who are lovers of the 20-spoke design on ALPINA?s CLASSIC wheel, there is the optional 19? wheel and tyre package

Light retouching of the Cabrio?s front and rear lend a sense of sophistication. Harmoniously integrated into the rear diffuser, the four exhaust pipes are at once elegant and powerful.

For more info please visit: www.alpina.de





I'm not a big fan of the 6 series, but this one I like. :)
Hey, that's not bad! I especially like the retro pinstriping, though the wheels are giving me a headache...
Don't know why you would buy that over an M6.
Some people still like the torque of the v8. I also really like the paint job. Too bad I'm not a cabrio person.
I want those alloys :D
Sat in it.. Love it...