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BMW Museum / M?nchen


Sep 27, 2004
Stavanger, Norway
Nothing spectacular this, only some standard photos from the
temporary BMW-Museum in M?nchen, Germany. It was kind of
a downer though, because since they were building the new one
the museum only had a few cars and not the really rare ones :x

Aaaanyways, here's something of what they had on display:

This is why I was in Germany in the first place, only so I could go skiing in Austria.
(this is from the top of the downhill skitrack in Kitzb?hel, Austria. Damn that was fun)

mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... droooool @ M1 ................ droooooool @ Kitzb?hel ..........

Damn, another thing to add to my to-do list for my trip to germany..

I have to go back to practicing the Nurburgring on GT4 :p
dammm i never got the chance to go tothe bmw musum in germany. wasnt there like a full M line up to see? from the pics it doesnt look that spectacular.
I have to go back to practicing the Nurburgring on GT4

Thats all I been doing. :lol: Taking the SL500 and M5 round and round and round...

nice pics hanasand.
Man, I'm only 120 km away and have never been there... Maybe next time when I'm there...

The ski pic looks fantastic... Was it only 1 pic or did you set it together???

hanasand said:
It's stitched from 4 images :)

Which proggie are you using? I tried Panorama Factory... But somehow... If there is a better one, I want it ;-)

In Photoshop there's a layer effect called difference, use this to help you piece together shots for a panorama (if that's what you're trying to do anyway, I didn't really read it :p)

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