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BMW Recall


Mar 8, 2005
Lincoln, UK

Haha, funny, they should let it be replaced by a white indicator too! That orange one makes the car looks like a cheap asian car. White is gold :mrgreen:
:lol:, you're missing the point, Jostyrostelli. :p
That's classic. Good one.
Is it the low numbers of BMW owners around here or are they better drivers than where you guys are ?
They don't catch my attention much more than other drivers around here. :unsure:

When I cross the border into the United States, on the other hand. Oh my ! Do they ever use 'em ?? :no:

Don't get me wrong, we have bad drivers here too but as far as turn signals are concerned, I have noticed Americans are worst than people from Qu?bec, especially on the highway...

Good one SkylineFreak BTW. :thumbsup:
i take tat as an insult(*hint i ave a beemer)...but goodstuf anyhow :thumbsup:
its mostly true though

i got cut off many times by bmw's. 2 of which were by a 330ci coupe and a 5 series. both didnt bother indicating and cut straight in. im not bashing all bmw drivers (my mate has an e21 320i and its fun the get sideways) but its the people that buy new ones and most think they are king of the road.
^Yep, they think, now they got a nice car, they own the street, including you!

The only people who drive worse are farmers/white trash in old Mercs E classes, you know the square ones. All black from mud.. :yucky:
Lol :lol: Nice :lol:
That actually looks like my car in the pic. :shock:
Will just to have to order some clear lenses for it :D
^I think Merc. Drivers are far worse than BMW's... but classing drivers by the car you drive is too stereotypical IMO... I've met some Humble Mercedes or BMW drivers and some asshole in like a Honda Civic who think they own the road
Generally here the BMW drivers are the worst. I wouldn't buy one purely on the reputation that you get just by owning one.
i got cut off by this wanker in a jeep cherokee grang...who thot he was king of the world...in traffic....then he rolled down his windows and started swearin at me nd my mates.....he actually threatened us that he qwould whack us up usin a traditonal sword(parang)....we were like"wtf is goin on" and we started laughin...seems like it pissed him off even more :lol: