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Do whatever you like , maybe you will see her :

So I was pissed off and downed the mini bottle (only 40ml) what a waste of time.
During my nearly six months in Spain last year I developed a taste for sangria which is weird because normally I can't stand wine. Now that it's actually warm and sunny in England for a change, I've been craving it. So I've decided to make my own! The fruit is soaking in the rum right now and in a few hours I'll be ready to add the orange juice and wine and, hopefully, enjoy it. The one thing I'm not sure of is my wine choice. Here's a graphic depiction of me buying said wine:

The two I chose are from Italy which I hear is pretty good at making rotten grape juice. And they both say sweet red wine so I might be on to something here. Wish me luck!
i've only bought bottles that said "sangria", never bothered to use a quality wine for it...

and i prefer the white one, it's much more refreshing...

talking about sangria, i want to try pimm's!!!

(pimm's is beer, right?)
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Why are there cucumber slices in that Sangria?
It's done...and it tastes like sangria! :woot: Although it is a little too sweet for my taste. I think it's the wine because it was very sweet itself. It tasted so good in fact that I think I'll buy another bottle just to sip on by itself. All in all though I'm happy with my first attempt.

Here is the wine in question. I mixed it with red apples, oranges, and strawberries. The berries might also have contributed to the uber-sweetness.

did you also add cointreau or triple sec?
that's what i use to sweeten up mine...
Nope, just wine, clear rum, orange juice, and the fruit. Adding those other drinks seems like cheating. :p
We had a lot of fun in Iceland a couple of weeks ago:


Has anyone here tasted Iceland's national schnaps? It's called Brennivin and is actually quite good :)


Yes, the bottle looks fairly ominous. Sadly they have changed for clear bottles now, so some of the identity is lost...
^^^ Brennivin is excellent and refreshing. it's good mixed with soda water.

Anyways, I'm drinking Vernor's Ginger Ale and Rye right now. It's a good combo.
I have two bottles of Zubrowka standing around, anyone know what to mix it with? I have been drinking it pure over ice so far.

Tried this yesterday.... It is a herbal liqueur, comparable to j?eger. This has imo better balance on herbs with distinct licorice flavour pushing through. Recommended by Sifu.
I have two bottles of Zubrowka standing around, anyone know what to mix it with? I have been drinking it pure over ice so far.

Zubrowka must be the very best vodka i ever had.
i think mixing it would be a waste
Decided to buy a bottle of Lagavulin after watching Ron Swanson drink it so many times. Its damn good. The peat smoke might be too intense for some people.
Lagavullin is my favorite.

Regarding Zubrowska, I wouldn't mix it.