Booze thread

Come to Ringmeet then ;)
I recently tried Van Winkle Special Reserve. Damn... seemed almost a shame to swallow it.

here we go... it's the 57? North one, rather nice. I'd still say I prefer Lagavulin 16, but it's quite close in terms of deliciousnesseseses :nod:
You are a man of exquisite taste :thumbup:
Over the holidays I picked up a few bottles and also got some as gifts so here's the current stock:

Weller Antique 107
Eagle Rare
Mad River Burnt Rock Bourbon
Maker's 46

Glenfiddich 12y
Ardbeg 10y
Lagavulin 16y
Ardmore Legacy
Laphroaig Cairdeas
Lismore 18y

Johnnie Walker Red Label
Suntory Toki

Cognac & Armagnac
Larressingle VSOP
Pierre Ferrand 1er Cru De Cognac Ambre
Ararat 5y
Hennessy VS


Cinnamon Jack :wub:

I moved and organized the collection. I think we might have a problem...
You're better stocked than most bars I've ever been to...
you don't have a problem if you have bottles with stuff left in it!
you're a collector ;)
Never said I had a drinking problem. ;)
Honestly, that really is the issue. We started to overflow from our little kitchen counter onto the hearth a while ago (can't use the fireplace here anyway due to the air). We don't have room for a proper bar setup.

That's it, we need a bigger house.
Looks properly fancy.
How's the taste?
I missed this one... The bottle is gone by now, so I can properly elaborate on the taste. It was very smooth, but also very boozy, the high ABV was very present in the palate right after pouring. A 5-10 min air would make it taste like proper whisky, without the hint of engine degreaser. Definitely something I would recommend.