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Bored? Need cheering Up?


Apr 7, 2005
Adelaide, Australia
If like me, you've had a long day, or you want to take a bit of a break, and cheer yourself up, check out:
I know this site has been mentioned before, but it is rather amusing. The fact that these people actually wake up in the morning, and have all these "brilliant" ideas come to them, is a testament that someone, somewhere is having a laugh. I'm joining in to! :)

Oh, if you want to read more about this society, check out http://www.sniffpetrol.com/ , and have a look at the 2nd article down. The last sentence is the best bit :)

There is a mobile number for Steve Hounsham in the Transport 2000 press office on that transport2k site...


or +447984773468 if you're abroad

if anyone's interested!

I think I might send him a quick text message....

Man they have some ugly members:

Apologies if that's someone on here's mother!
"i have one of your spoons, open the draw and you'll notice one missing. I want you to go kill 5 baby seals. If my demand is not met within 42 hours your soop would sease to be. We don't want that to happen do we?"

Something along those lines?
Hahaha some good stuff, I just wish they would have all the funny adverts and photochops in one spot.