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Aston Martin

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Sep 20, 2006
Hull, England
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Thought it's be fun or unbelievably irritating to see what crap manufacturers are selling.
Maybe one of them is actually selling something good and that isn't a bazillion pounds.

Porsche Beach Ball.



Porsche Beach Chair.


?68. :blink:

Ice cube tray.


This ain't that bad, but its ?8.
I want car ice.
I have the Mustang cologne. :D. Smells very good too.
The Porsche ice cube tray is actually pretty cute. Carrera jello shots, anyone? :D
I'd be inclined to let Skoda get away with those kids cars, they're quite cute, much better looking than the real car.

I have a Land Rover keyring, I'm not sure if it falls in this category. However...


How could you not fall for this little... ski bear?
I just find it ironic that someone who uses the handle "Aston Martin" started a thread about crappy branded stuff. AM are one of the worst abusers in this category, starting off with a certain rebranded Toyota IQ...
Those Skoda kids ride-ons are really cute! :heart:

I have Honda branded mints in my car, they were free with my last service though. (They are made by a Melbourne company and are tasty). There are a few of my dad's old Volvo and Saab baseball caps lying about the place too, but I don't remember how much he paid for them.
sterling silver Chevrolet Malibu logo pendant
$35 and you don't even get a chain.
I know Top Gear make fun of the manufacturers merchandising, but they are no slouches themselves when it comes to putting their name on any old crap that comes to hand: