BrexitMeet 13-19 May 2019


Now needs wood
May 29, 2008
MWF HQ, Ukadia
MX-5 1.8i Indiana SE, update pending
@IceBone will arrive at LGW the evening of Monday May 13 and depart same around 18.00 on Sunday May 19.

Weather permitting we will spend the day at Southdown Gliding Club on the Saturday and on the Sunday head to Brighton for the finish of the London to Brighton Mini Run.

Also on the agenda the excellent Magna Tandoori in Bognor for Friday’s dinner, an evening of home cooked Balkan food during the week and a Burgers and Cocktails evening on the Saturday plus some other days out as yet to be decided.

All FinalGearians are welcome to join us if available. PM me if you need somewhere to stay and we can work something out.