Britcar - TG vs 5G

Britcar - TG vs 5G

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Sep 4, 2007
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Going through some old Fifth Gear episodes, I came across the ep. from October 24, 2005, where Tiff and Vicki (and James Kaye/Mark Lemmers) participated in the first Britcar 24hr race. Since they had a decent support group behind them, they won their class.

From TG's race in the Britcar, Hammond/Clarkson/May/Stig came 3rd in class and 39th overall. Therefore, the inevitable comparison is, who would win if TG and 5G both were in the same race?

Personally, if the racing was fair and equal, 5G would kick TG's rear end. But, I think Jeremy would go after Tiff or Vicki when they were driving, probably in revenge for those two burning TG's things :lol:
I would have thought that seeing as TG only really has Stiggy and Hamster (very competetive guy) and FG has Plato,VBH,Tiff. Then off the mark, without taking any other drivers into the equation , the I would say that FG would win easy.
JC would try very hard, don't get me wrong.
Yeah, Fifth Gear is loaded with professional race car drivers, who do just these type of races for a living. It's a no brainer.
Neither, BestMotoring would cap all their asses, and then cause a really annoying pop sensation resulting in everybody screaming "DORI! DORI! dR1ft000oo0zero00"
Fifth Gear would smash them six ways until Sunday. Jason and Tiff would be as fast as the Stig and VBH wouldn't be too far behind. No contest at all.

5th Gear vs Autocar might be a bit closer.
Fifth Gear have more people, and they all professional drivers. Top Gear only have 4 people including captain slow...but they have STIG.
Fifth Gear would win, but Top Gear would be far more entertaining.
if the Stig could drive for 24 hrs Top Gear absolutely will win
Fifth gear would beat six shades of shit out of Top Gear. They have 3 proper racing drivers compared to Top Gear's one.
Fifth gear would beat six shades of shit out of Top Gear. They have 3 proper racing drivers compared to Top Gear's one.

your face is a proper racing driver :mad:
TG because they have more money, so if they take it seriously & put a lot of work & resources in a car, they'd win easily.
^ Faith has nothing to do with it - FG has a much better, much more experienced driver line-up.
1 x Racer and 3 middle aged novices against Jason Plato (saloon car champion), Tiff Needle one time F1 driver, V B-H. racer and one of the younger journos - no contest given the same motor and budget.
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You'd want Top Gear to win just because of the effort and humour that they would bring, but at the end of the day Fifth Gear does have people who actually know how to do these sort of races and would win hands-down.
Fifth gear would probably have the competitive edge.

That however ain't really important as i would much prefer to be a fly on the wall in top gears pit!