Britcar - TG vs 5G

Britcar - TG vs 5G

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Jeremy (if he gets serious and grows up for at least 24 hours) can kick the crap out of Plato and Tiff.

You don't know what you're talking about. It's obvious that you've never done any proper racing or been around it for any large length of time. If you had, you'd be able to see clearly why Tiff and Jason and much better than Clarkson. Even the Stig who is probably some random GT or touring car driver, can't close the gap by himself.
You must be joking...Per driver skills 5G will smash TG...fine TG have the Stig but since 5G have Tiff Plato and VBH the racing talent is just uncomparable.


guys c'mon

Jeremy, Richard, and James

Jonny Smith, Tom Ford, and Jon Bentley (who's gone now but whatever). Vicki as a possible wildcard.

now who would win?

omg Tim Lovejoy too.
TG would still have a chance, it's a 24 hour race.. Everything can happen.. :)

And btw, Hammonds and May's lap times were pretty similar, with Jeremy the quickest of the three. But it would be hugely entertaining to have both program in the same 24 hour race - Though i would watch the TG version!
Fifth gear would probably have the competitive edge.

That however ain't really important as i would much prefer to be a fly on the wall in top gears pit!

yup, especially with Jason Plato being a BTCC driver :D

pretty sure 5G would win, and i would not care at all...
yup, especially with Jason Plato being a BTCC driver :D

pretty sure 5G would win, and i would not care at all...

I think your right but I still voted for top gear!:lol:
With the same budget, car etc, and not counting random events like technical failures, fifth gear would crush top gear. I see a lot of you placing hope in the Stig, but I honestly doubt he has a record to match Jason Plato. Needell has plenty of experience in 24 hour racing, the top gear guys simply dont, and Vicky is probably a lot faster than any of the three presenters as well. The only one the top gear team might have an edge on is Tom Ford.
I would have thought that seeing as TG only really has Stiggy and Hamster (very competetive guy) and FG has Plato,VBH,Tiff. Then off the mark, without taking any other drivers into the equation , the I would say that FG would win easy.
JC would try very hard, don't get me wrong.

Jeremy is faster than May and Hammond. The lap times of Hamster and captain Slow were the same.