Broccoli Rabe?


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Jun 30, 2006
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Does anyone know how to make Broccoli Rabe? I've found recipes on the internet but some of them seem to conflict with eachother.

My main question is can I just buy broccoli and use that, or do I need to buy Rapini specifically?

other than that I can pretty much figure out how to cook it and how much garlic to use etc.

btw this isn't for some gourmet meal, its just to put on a couple special hoagies I'm making, so I only need to make enough for 2 people, though any excess will be promptly eaten as well :)
Well, with rapine, you get longer, slimmer "stems" but with broccoli, the focus is more on the florets, than the stems.

I've always just tossed it in a pan with come sliced garlic cloves and olive oil, and saut?ed it until tender.

I would think for the purpose of a sandwich, you'd definitely want the longer thinner stems of the rapini.
ahh thanks

another question then, I'm kinda in the middle of nowhere here at school, is Rapini easily available in large supermarkets?
Not's only available seasonally in the local better-than-supermarket grocery stores here...