Someone Else's Problem: Brought home a new Volt

It's a pretty design.
7 YEAR update... since the pictures went away, here's the pics of the day I brought it home:



7 years later, I have 45k miles on it and since we brought a 2020 Bolt home as my wife's car and our errand runner, I decided to undertake an upgrade program for the Volt.

To that end I’ve added 20” forged TSW Geneva wheels and Toyo Extensis HP tires 225/35-20. It also got a set of Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs. A little firmer but still comfortable and it handles so much better. I also painted the lower bodywork in body color. And finally, I just had installed a Webasto Hollandia 300 power sunroof, something the car should have had all along.

My commute pre-Covid was only 16 miles round trip (I telework exclusively these days) so the minor hit to the range was not important (besides we have the Bolt for extensive errand running and day trips). And in 40 years of driving custom cars, and sports cars, I’ve never hit a pothole or even curbed a wheel. Damn, I might have jinxed myself there! LOL! I just wanted to make something unique and fun and I think this car fits the bill.









Still looks nice, how's it been all this time?
Still works great. Just got it's annual oil change. Have to replace the rear brakes as they so rarely get used that they get a rusty surface that grinds grooves into the rotors when you back up and the friction brakes are activated. So weird to have brakes needed becdaue they aren't used enough... So I have new rotors and pads all around to go in it. Most of my driving is still on electrons. Especially now that we have the Bolt, too: