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BT prog not working


Oct 27, 2004
Tasmania, Australia
OK, i'm running ABC now as it seems to be steadier than BitTorrent, but this morning when I turned it on, nothing is working. It looks like it is trying to connect and failing, this setting it's status to pause. Anyone know what might be causing this??
Did you local IP change? May have to check your port forwarding.
I checked my IP, but i'll check it and the port settings again to see if there are any changes. Could be the problem.
Ok, none of the networks IP addresses have changed, BUT, I just had a look at whatismyip.com, and it seems that my networks external IP has changed.

OK, the internet IP is allocated by the ISP, should I change that to manual and peg one in? I thought this was more about the LAN settings :?

Any ideas??
mmm, answered my own question. BT program was not working because it was proken. A pile of error messages were in an error log, reloaded ABS and the torrents, and i'm away again :D