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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
British Touring Car Championship coverage starts in an hour and is presented by Vicki B-H. Never really followed it before, but I'm gonna try today. Anyone else watch it?

(Currently it's WRC coverage - I love Sundays :))
In the States SpeedChannel only shows BTCC, DTM, Aussie V-8 is in winter time after the NASCAR season. And even then they'll show the euro-touring races in the early afternoon when everyone is at work or school.
Hopefully someone will rip it over at f1racingworld and I'll be able to watch it too.
Propably will be ripped. I'll be downloading it.

BTW, a bit OT, but I heard that Jodie Kidd has teamed up with Tiff Needell to take part in a Maserati spec series which is run as a feeder category along FIA GT and WTCC weekends.

Overheat said:
I ripped it, if anyone wants it :) - just converting it now.

Of course I want it. Let me know :).
Ok guys I will be at the Thruxton rnd taking photos I try and get photos of all this years cars.
TVR_Fan said:
Ok guys I will be at the Thruxton rnd taking photos I try and get photos of all this years cars.

Sadly that won't be many. Seeing "Motorsports Weekend" in Eurosport last night, there was barely a dozen cars on the grid. That was very disappointing, to say the least.

Didn't really see anything about the race, tho, so I'm interested in Overheat's rip.
Wait until the Thruxton rnd is around its the fastest track in England and it always has bumper to bumper action no matter what.
I would love it as well... I really like watching BTCC... thats where my love of Volvo's, especially volvo 850 t-5's came from :D
I would love to see BTCC have an extra group called legends of BTCC Race.

19 days to go till the Thruxton Rnd is around w00t.
nah, Brand hatch is the best, partly cause its a great racing track, partly cause spectators get a better view than pretty much any other track in the world and partly cause its my local track :p (well the most local track to me anyway)
I'm about to rip Thruxton as it's aired in 10mins - quality should be better than last time as the program is only 1hr so I can use less compression when ripping it. Converting it on the other hand is a different matter - I am going to convert it to 350mb to keep in loine with other 1hr progs - this sound ok to you guys?
It doesn't matter for me
thanks for this Overheat,
:thumbsup: those races are awesome and not as long as F1 races
( even if it could have more cars involved... :( )
Well, if you thought the last one was good, you will definately not be disappointed by this one (racing and skill wise) - I just hope there's enough space on Hokie's FTP for it :/
I was about to ask you who won..
..but I'd rather wait to see it :)

can't wait :thumbsup: :woot:
i dont feel like making a new topic but these are similar series so...

if you ve got Eurosport you can catch today a live WTCC race in silverstone with Jason Plato behind the wheel of a Seat Toledo Cupra. 1st and 2nd race are live @ 15.10 and 16.15 C.E.T.
If you dont have the chanel i think they still stream the race live on there main page. The whole show starts @ 15:00 CET, thats 40 min from now

We get no touring car anything in the US.
Whenever we turn on Speed TV they are doing another NASCAR show. They have everything from talk shows, documentaries, race reviews, race re-runs, etc. all dedicated to NASCAR. I don't see why they just can't air the practice, qualifying, and race.

European folks should feel lucky that they don't have to be subjected to this NASCAR torture. It's plain ridiculous!