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Jan 5, 2004
is that the right acronym?
british touring car championship

vicki was presenting on speed tv
and the other guy, last name with p,
was racing!

it was weird yet cool
yeah they are both awesome... here the best pilot is the winner and not the team with most money
I go to watch BTCC live at my local track (Thruxton) when ever its on. Jason PLATO is the chap you are thinking of he was a BTCC AND WTCC driver WAY before he presented any TV. He is driving for SEAT this year who are fielding a 6 car team (the largest number of cars fielded by a touring car team ever). I think Plato started in Vauxhall (GM) in about 1993 but i could be wrong on the dates.

Does anyone else remember the BTCC Volvos or did i dream that ?