James May: Building Cars Live


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Aug 1, 2006
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So Mega Factories meets Springwatch? I'm curious as to how this will turn out. On paper it has the potential to be as dull as watching paint dry but I think they've chosen the right people to bring it to life.
I'm not sure about this ...why this obsession with 'Live!' If anything doesn't need to be live it's a production line for a car..it's not as if there's any jeopardy...'if they don't get this gearbox in in the next 30 seconds they'll get eaten by lions' or whatever. However James will be in 7th heaven which is always nice to see and Anstead is pretty good too. I guess because Kate Humble is there then I am obliged to watch as the BBC has helpfully provided a female presenter for me to feel included. (not that I have anything against Humble)
I'm assuming 90 minutes is the time it takes to build a Mini, although the article doesn't say this. It does say that it takes 400 hours to make a Rolls so I'm assuming we won't see that in real time.

Since the BBC has so much money spare from not doing TG why not strap a camera to a sheet of steel and feed it in to a stamping press to see what happens?
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It would damage the dies.
If the program is "live", why there are Trailers and Previews ?? .....:cry:

I just wonder...

Did anyone watch this?

I can't find it on any of my usual sites. Maybe it will show up in a couple of days.
I'm surprised he didn't change his shirt from one day to the other.
Its suppose to be live???
Well, that was an hour and a half I will never get back.

Didn't James learn anything from Hammond"s live thingy?

It doesn't work.
Wouw, that was....incredibly boring.

I went in having no idea what to expect, 'well it has May in it so how bad could it be....'

'Very' would be the answer, I learned fuckall about how cars are made that I didn't already knew, either from working in a very similar car factory years ago, from a poky little motoring show that used to be on the BBC or from where-ever, maybe this was not aimed at petrolheads, but information wise it had the depth of a puddle....

The whole 'build our own car' thing failed very, VERY badly, did anyone do anything to their 'own' car? We hardly ever saw it, and offcourse it was late...

Segments inbetween were ok, again a little flat but the cinematograpy was fine, could not help but feel a small TopGear vibe for just hints of moments there at times.... some shared crew perhaps?

The live bits? Not so much, missed cues, conversations and actions that felt very reversed (because they were) and a general feeling of 'what the fuck am I supposed to be watching'

Presenting wise I quess people did their best....salvaging a clusterfuck like this can't be easy, but I immidiatley had an intense dislike for whoever that popped-collar douchebag was....

I still can't understand what the point of this show was (besides selling mini's) why in the name of everything that is descent and holy they chose to do it the way they did, who it was aimed at, and why in the hell after plenty of time, money, and no doubt a great deal of annoyance from the workforce later they ended up with 'that'

If James needed Money for his Ferrari that badly he could have just started a crowdfunding...
I have to be frank. Watched about 30 minutes of the first episode and found it quite boring. Stinks of Danny Cohen educational TV bs.