Bunny Rabbit Racing (working title)

The link doesn't work right now, but this is the story about the typ 3? I thought it was interesting timing myself ;)

Hopefully they have more Typ 3 coverage this weekend, haha.
Poly-fil version heads out tomorrow.

She's about to get thrown in the laundry.

Update: 'Lumps are clean! Well, the 'lumps who looked like they could use a bath, anyway.

I'm having a bit of trouble going to sleep. Too much excitement...need...bunnycar.......lulz..................
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I got a whole 3 hours of sleep before leaving for Summit Point. I got less before leaving for CMP.

That's why you don't race on Friday - you can sleep off all the giddy stupid anxiety in whatever absurd, uncomfortable, unhygenic sleeping arrangement you've come up with and be well rested and ready to get down to business Saturday morning.

At any rate, good luck, have fun, and keep the purple side up.
Good luck to you all. I can't wait to hear how you all get on. stay the right way up and remember that to finish first, first you have to finish.

I have every faith. :thumbup:
Th car was the star of tech! It passed the safety inspection needing only one bit of tie-down on some wires. Coco did a fantastic job with the theme. Our car was pointed out as an example of a great theme!
Outstanding! :thumbsup:
(The ears look most excellent and probably a first for Tech. :lol:)
It looks GREAT!
The car looks great! Good luck and have fun!
That is my entire collection of Puffalumps, BTW. :) I have a few other 'lumpy things, but those are all the animals. Even Coco Bunny (the first one I ever got) is in the pile back there.
I cannot wait to hear how this pans out, did I mention you girls rock?