Bunny Rabbit Racing (working title)

Fluffy Bunny has some wicked rear camber!
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47 out of whatever now.

Oh, and I got to pass the chalkboard car I wrote "Let Bunny Pass!" on last night. It was a Mark VIII who'd lose me inthe straights and then crawl through the corners. Haha, yay!

For the record: I am out of the car and managed not to kill it. (This was a bigger worry than you'd think...)
We race 'til 3. pink piranhas goes in next, then equiraptor.
Ooh! I met the guy who ran into me! It was the Rolling Stones car.

No hard feelings. We're both still running. :)
Results are in: Organizer's Choice (trophy and $500), 47th Place on laps.

Yay Bunnywagen! :wub:
Excellent! :clap: Bet you all had a riot.

Well done to all involved!

Now go freshen up and enjoy a :beer:
1. Drop it onto WRX running gear.
2. Make sex with scrutineers.
3. .................
4. Profit.

I'm joking of course.

Use Evo running gear....