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BURN sucker! **SKyDive video**

phew.. and I thought he had no second parashoot.. it burned rather quickly too.
hm, dont get it. was it supposed to be burned that way? if so why did he say :censored: and why did the girl on the ground scream pull the other parachute? :think:

if it wasnt supposed to burn away like hell, then what was the original idea? :?
A stunt ...

Notice the bucket in the plane at the beginning ?

The parachute is in it and soaked in an inflammable liquid.

The jumper leaps out of the plane, the lines extend to their full lenght, the 'chute comes out and inflates. Holding on to the parachute ( with a proper deployment bag or in this case, a bucket ) will the jumper goes out is called a direct bag opening. The jumper has very little time in freefall has the 'chute fully inflates seconds only after the actual jump.

Because of the soaking of the nylon the canopy is made of, the slightest spark ignites it. As the 'chute is destroyed, the jumper goes back to freefalling, and pulls the second canopy open.

All jumpers normally jump with two canopies in their harness. One main and a reserve, in case something goes wrong with the main.
When a jumper intends to cut away his main on a jump, a special harness can be used holding two mains and a reserve, which I suspect was the case here: a main in the bucket to be direct-bagged and ignited and destroyed, a main to land safely afterward and a reserve in case the second main messes up somehow.

As for the girl, it is always nerve wracking to see someone go back into freefall after having cut away a canopy. It always seems like the jumper takes longer than necessary to pull the reserve, hence the comment. However this time is used by the jumper to get a stable belly to earth position prior to deployment to insure proper and safe inflation of the canopy.

Makes sense ?

I know a bit about all of this. ;)

Cool find Josty, thanks. :thumbsup:
^Jep, makes sence.
Roman... just curious, is that very safe, because what if the kerosene (or what ever liquid) started to soak his equiptment as well... isn't he Fucked? and Roman, have you tried that?
As you can see, the parachute is in a bucket by itself and the jumper is only "connected" to it through the parachute's lines (small ropes). And even soaked, the canopy flies. Now if you ignite it, that's a problem.
logo said:
... it burned rather quickly too.
This is very very thin material (think light paper) and it burns away very rapidly as you can see. Even if fire strarted to come down the lines, the jumper could cut-away (release) that canopy before it reached him and freefall a bit before opening the reserve.

Me ? :shock: no... :lol: A new canopy is worth anywhere between $800 and $1200 US and I don't have the money or the experience to pull off that kind of stunt. In over three hundread jumps, I haven't had to cut away yet. Main canopies open and fly very well nowadays. :yes:
So did you use the same canopy for those 300 jumps or after a certain amount it becomes worn out?
My main (and the rest of my equipment ) I have owned and used since my 46th jump. :)

Canopies, if you take good care of them, basically don't wear out.
It needs to be relined every certain amount of jumps depending on type of lines are on it, and that's it.
but Roman... skydiving is a very risky sport... using the same equiptment for 300+jumps sounds kinda dangerous, don't you think... or do you take it to a shop to get your gear checked once in a while (like Scuba Diving)
That's the sport part of the activity. :lol:

I pack my main in about fifteen minutes.
A pro packer ( but I mean a guy who does it for a living and has thousands or pack jobs :? ) can do it in as little as four minutes ! :shock:

The reserve is another deal all together and takes nearly four hour to do properly (inspection and pack job). It can only be done by a certified rigger and the job is sealed with a small, unique stamp on a single red thread across the locking pin to prove who is the rigger who repacked it.
Why is that? because it's smaller and packed in a smaller bag?

Seems horribly long :? what a boring job would that be :(
renesis said:
Why is that? because it's smaller and packed in a smaller bag?

maybe because that can change weather you live or die within the next 60seconds, I'm assuming you don't need a certified rigger for your main one because even if you fuck it up, you'll have a backup...
Right on andy ! :thumbsup:

My reserve is a PD160R so about the same size as the Spectre.
(numbers represent the size of the canopy in sq.ft.)

As for the packer's day being long, here a saying true to most skydivers.
Don't forget, the packer makes more money than you do !
They charge per pack job and the faster they are the more money they make.