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Bush Hates Genetics...Again

Re: Bush Hates Genetics...Again

I thought this bit was a bit over the edge.
He's trusting that everyone will think he is banning monstrous crimes against nature, but what he's really doing is targeting the weak and the ill, blocking useful avenues of research that are specifically designed to help us understand human afflictions. His message isn't "We aren't going to let the mad scientists make monsters!", it's "We aren't going to let the doctors help those 'retards.'"
I seriously don't think Bush or any religious conservatives have thought it through that deeply. They just think: killing fetuses and cloning people are bad. With nearly all of Bush supporters being religious, you really can't blame him for publicising his views.

Religion and medicine has always battled over issues like this. Go back as far back in history as you can. You will always find the religion v. medicine controversy.

I am a lab tech that use microorganisms for all different kinds of experiments. A human, a mouse, a bacterium are all the same to me. They are all alive. I think the only reason people feel more sympathy for higher mammals is because they are visually attractive. A cute little monkey is going to win more sympathy than a shiny black beetle.

Religious folks can get too caught up in their set beliefs. I think they should never concur 100% with any religion. You need to balance your set religious beliefs with those of your own. Otherwise, you're no better than a mindless pawn. A religion is a guide. It's not a lifestyle.
Indeed that bit may have gone over, but it's an opinion piece, with a good bit of information.

I also don't see how they could be thinking straight. The staff scientists are either being ignored, or are a total joke. Mixing human and animal DNA is not going to give us some tigermanbeast thing from hell, but it does have the potential to make great improvements in the lives of many humans and the race as a whole. Take the experiments where they have grown human organs on the backs of rats for transplantation, or the massive potential of stem cell research to cure or regenerate thousands of illnesses. Will any of these ideas result in a hideous man-beast bent on killing all humans? Hell no! Even things like cloning have vast implications beyond human replicant armies. We could be on the verge of a new age entirely!

I just hope they don't take the same attitude towards cybernetics.
Law makers are very ignorant of what exactly these genetic scientists do. They just make assumptions based on little knowledge of the actual subject at hand. Oh wait, this sound strikingly familiar . . . Didn't we go to war based on the same premise? :p

I digress. Our average lifespan would still be at 40 if it weren't for the sacrifices made by research animals and human subjects. We go to war and have our own soldiers killed. Why can't we kill a few men to find a cure for deadly diseases?

BTW, it'll be badass if we can have Centaurus and Sphinx running around the world again.
The issue is that Bush doesnt think that the national government should continue to invest in such projects when there are states doing the job, such as California which passed a 300 million dollar stem-cell research bill. ;)