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Buying New Camera... advice please


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Jun 4, 2004
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I know this would be nothing compared to MXM and pdanev buying SLR's... I wish I could afford that right now... but its pretty impossible.

I have decided to go with the Fuji Finepix S series... I'm leaning on the S5000 over the S5500 because of price mainly. But does anyone have any real life experiences with that camera? Advice would be very much appreciated.
And SLR owners: this camera has a max shutter length of 2secs, is that enough for night shots?

and if your going to ask me to buy a Canon 1D or something, don't bother... I can't afford it... suggestions are welcome, but please keep in the price range :D
yup :D... thats it... what if I adjust the aperature?.. maybe that would help... cuz it has both Shutter and AP priority
Nah, you'll never be able to take those night shots we all love. Why not take the one they compare it to? The A70? or some A series Canon? It's much more adjustable than anything else.
Don't really see the point in shelling out 500 bucks for that when you could buy a second-hand digital SLR for the same price? You will be disappointed in the adjustments of a camera like that.. :(
Just my opinion.
Those Fuji cameras are amazing, I would know as ive got the S9500. Thats the highest spec S series fuji, and probably the best non-SLR camera! I would certainly recommed gettin that IF you can afford that. I was gonna get a lower spec fuji, but i saved up coz i wanted to benefit from the greater freedom you have with the better fuji's.
If you want to get into serious photography i would recommend saving up for a better camera. The disadvantage of SLR's, apart from the price!, is that you have to mess about with lenses etc.
Save up some more if i were you (get the S9500!)
Hope this was useful
How much does the S9500 cost?

I wouldn't say lenses are a disadvantage with SLR's, freedom is the word I'd use :lol:
You can make do with a standard-zoom (Like when you buy a non-SLR), and when it's time to upgrade, just get a new lense and not the whole camera.
I bought my S9500 for ?470, that was like the day it came out though, its selling for ?407 on this website:http://www.digital-cameras.com/digital-cameras/prosumer/fuji-finepix-s9500.html
I only think SLR's are a disadvantage to new photographers, the only reason i didnt get one is that id like to get the basics and become a decent photographer on a SLR-like camera. There fiddley for beginners, simply because theres so many for so many different applications. An SLR will definitely be the next step for me......but not yet.
hmm... the S9500 is wayy out of my budget... I'm still a student, I just want a camera which takes good pictures, at least better than my Casio Z40...
Thats cool, just dont make the mistake of buying a simpler camera, and then regretting it later on. I was gonna get the S7000 coz i couldnt be assed to wait for the S9500 to come out. IM SOOO GLAD I WAITED! Just make sure the the camera is exactly what u need and no less!
yup... I thought about that... the 3sec shutter really bugged me as as you can see... I like taking nightshots more than anything else... or at least long shutter shots.
If you wanna do some creative and decent night shots you'll probably need more than 3 secs max shutter speed. Is the S5600 out of youre budget? Thats got 15-1/2000 shutter speed. Thats selling for ?223 on the same site as i gave b4.
I have the S5000 and aside from being a slow as January molasses I love it. It takes amazing shots. The 2 sec exposure is a bit sucky without having any way to do bulb shots... though I have gotten a few pretty decent night shots with it. It really is just a P&S and Fuji thinks that no one buys a P&S for creativity...

You can check a few of my better shots at my gallery

Personally I will never buy another P&S camera again, unless it is for my wife to snap pics with because I hate the thing for being so slow (it is actually one of the faster cameras in it's class from what I read when I was deciding what to buy) and I just can't accept anything less than a dSLR now... I am dreaming of a d200 for Christmas :D
I just bought the S5200... to show the zoom which I am still amazed of


I've got the S5200 as well, and I love it. Here are a couple pics that I have taken to show how good the zoom is. (this is just the optical zoom, I turned the digital zoom off) This was taken down at the local dam. The first pic shows the rock on the shore, and the second one is zoomed in the full 10x.


that pretty damn impressive! how much did that cost?